Friday, January 27, 2012

Yes! We are 1 year old!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing how fast time flyes!
Last year I was pregnant resting by my PC when I decided to start branching out beyond giving advice on : )
It has been so much fun!! I look forward to continue to inspire my readers to Dress Modestly but with style and Individuality!!

What is next for me ....FFM is trying to become a Shadhanit Maven!!!
I am tired of hearing people complaining of crisises yet doing nothing.
I will B'H start a "SINGLES CENTERED" style of doing shidduchim .I will take the time to know each singles needs and not just pair people "cause they have a pulse"

I have seen too many single people hurt and crushed under the brutal emotional rollercoaster that dating has become.

I pray to be soche to help AND be a cathalist for change.

for more info contact
And we will take it from there (no fee to join my list ALL JEWISH SINGLES WELCOME)

Love you dear readers!!

Shabbat Shalom!!!

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