Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spotlight on a Stylish & Frum Female

Spring and renewal is just around the corner B'H so I am so excited to introduce you to my dear friend Reesa Yunger ! She is a talended Toronto interior design specialist with a great eye for timeless style.

I asked Reesa to tell me about her field and to share some of her tips.
She has kindly agreed to take your design questions via my blog!!!

I grew up in Toronto and my background in decor begins within the fashion industry. I’m a graduate of George Brown College’s Fashion Management program, as well as Talpiot College’s Interior Design Program. I love being creative and really enjoyed my schooling immensely.

What I do:

So, I work as a design consultant (also known as a decorator), and absolutely love it! Creativity is very important to me, with the goal being a beautiful space that works well for the client.

As well, volunteering, especially with seniors is something that has always been close to my heart. An aspect of my job is that I’ve combined this with my passion for decor. I’ve now begun working with seniors who are choosing to downsize. Not only do I help with decorating their new apartment/unit, incorporating my skills in space planning, decor etc., but I also will aid in the downsizing process, organize the movers and packers and everything else that the move entails.

*seniors moves etc is not all that i do; just a part of the overall services

Top Three Tips:
1.Only Decorate With What You Love – this one is huge! Beauty has the power to revitalize the spirit and if you surround yourself with what gives you pleasure, you are sure to feel a boost. Your home should make you happy, simple as that. It’s far better to have empty space that is just waiting to be filled with a personal treasure, than to have each space fully decorated with items that have no meaning for you.

2.Clear Through That Clutter- We all have stuff. Most of us have way too much of it! When visual clutter is minimized, mental clutter automatically decreases as well. In a home, an atmosphere of peace and tranquility is valuable for all its inhabitants. Reducing clutter is a tangible way to achieve that goal. So start sorting!

3.Don’t Follow The Trends – But rather, follow your heart! There’s nothing wrong with incorporating decor trends, as long as you truly like them. Personal style is all about self expression. Who wants to see their home looking like everyone else’s in the neighbourhood?

Some of Reesa's lovely work.

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