Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Purim!!!

This turned out to be a "interesting" night in cyberspace! I had heard of "drunk dialing" but this "overcommenting" AKA spamming takes the cake for tonight!

PLEASE , PLEASE read the disclaimer (unless you are a drunk bochur goofing with your sister's computer) I don't need you checking out the models ...tzadik !!!

If you are a girl older than 10 y/O...
Use your common sense girl!!! And try to be DLZ ....Sometimes is hard to find a picture of a tznius shell on Polyvore. If the pictures I feature don't have a shell but you know you should wear one to be tzanua....Just go ahead and DO what you know you must do. Use your sechel.

As for expensive items ....99% of stuff is for inspiration only but I'm sure i have at least a couple of wealthy readers , so don't be a hater and just have fun and shop what you can afford.

Dont like the looks ....Please feel free to START YOUR OWN BLOG !!!!
I can't be everything to everyone!

*spamming me is not cute ,not nice and not funny .


Now back to my Party!


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