Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An unglamorous Day....a little vent : )

Hi Friends

I hope you all are doing great....I on the other hand feel like I am going nuts!!!!!!! both my little girls have been sick since saturday night (fever, vomit, projectile poop)
I have gone to to sleep at 2 am for 2 nights in a row ,since they can hold down very little food I have been nursing both on demand for what feels like around the clock .

Currently I have no clean towels left ,2 conforters to wash ,a growing pile of pucked on clothing....
I think look like rag , and feel tired cranky and super nauseous .

My husband is beyond busy at work since he was just off for purim he kindly made dinner and got some powerade and helped a little etc.

Older kids are grossed out and scared to get sick aka NOT HELPING claiming everything has germs and wanting to stay away in their rooms.

We went to a party and it was an awesome time until...someone brought a lethargic/sick child .....seriously I am trying not to get annoyed ,but it is hard not to.

As I type this I have my toddler sitting on the toilet ...and the baby nursing on a sling, I am not wearing a clean skirt ( It just got puked on) I am sitting on the edge of the tub thinking that walking around on at shirt and panties might be the best way to go since I keep needing to wash my leg with the shower head. Nice fantasy but who knows a fire alarm might go off and I might find myself barelegged on the lawn (I shudder in horror at this fantasy)

what a day !!!!!

Thanx for letting me vent.

The sun is shining ,the weather is great and I am stuck here feeling sad because my toddler (on the picture) would have loved to play at the park if she was not feeling so sick.

As for fashion i will have my teen daughter "teen maven fashion" do some looks to tie you guys over.


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  1. Oh no, Devorah I'm so sorry! We all have times like these, and it's nice to share in them :) Hope you guys all feel better very soon.