Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hi readers...... I'm back !

Pesach was B'H great !
From the burning of the chametz on the little portable grill (the child in me loves this part ) to the wonderful relaxed feeling at the seder....helped by those 4 cups of wine no doubt.
We ended around 2:30 but the boys stayed up learning .

We rested and ate and hung out as a family , it was a great time!
I wonder why I feel I need a holiday from the holiday??? LOL

Yaeli my mowgly (only wears a diaper) turned 3 during chol and B'H has begun to show some interest in clothes!!!!!!

She celebrated her B'day with a surprisingly tasty Pesach cake and a little field trip.

I love chol chamoed dressing : ) everyone looks so nice and made up .
Having this 2 messy little ones meant I was constantly getting dirty so I had a lot of "costume changes" ...I'm glad I bought some extra tops .

Makeup wise I used mineral powder ,lip stain by joe fresh , and a very surprinsingly good elf liquid liner that lasted for 3 days.

I was bummed Moshiach did not show up ....but B'H soon ,so all the pain and world madness can end.

I'm sure I gained weight ....but with the longer warmer days ,AND some sensible eating (no chocolate brownies, cookies, pizza) lots of soups ,salad and grilled low fat meat and fish...I should be back to my normal self.

P.s I will be answering all my e-mails ASAP ! Thanks for the questions and the love : )

Is nice to be back!

Love D

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