Monday, April 2, 2012

Pesach greetings!

I am taking a nanoseccond break from my cleaning ...Just to wish you all a kosher and Happy Pesach. I'm so busy I had Joelle my teen daughter do a couple of fun looks : )

B'H kitchen is done ....It amazes me the places chametz hides !!

My cute dynamic duo ...Baby Zahava who does not understand that at almost 11 months running and climming the couch is NOT something she should be doing and sweet toddler Yael who is just a constant flowing spring of creative mischief are keeping me on guard till the last second , I seriously found cheerions stuck on the inside of megablocks....LOL

B'H Today is final yom tov shopping of the non food kind ..YAY!

And I like to remind you ladies to get extra nylons/tights... I go through them like water !

On my list today:
Long lasting yom tov /shabbat friendly makeup *
liquid liner
white eye pencil
24 hour moisturizer foundation
shoe jellies for new shoes

* This cool link :

is a nice guide on the how to do makeup and not be mehalel Shabbat ot YT.

A kosher Pesach to all


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