Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring is here ...but where is the sun?!

B'H we had this gorgeous summer like weather this past weekend , I think I might have gotten a little tanned (even with my 14 spf cream) : ( Today the weather is gray damp and blah! not to mention it's Monday and the kids AND the cats get the blues child is hypersensitive loosing it every 5 minutes and the other gets MEGA clingy and indulges in marathon like nursing sessions! The cats whine and the Siamese one takes it up a notch with growling, not to mention the occasional spat that leaves them entangled fighting in a whirlwind of flying fur (I diffuse the crazy fight with a spritz bottle). So what can I do today except chill and flow with everyone’s mood? I did my nails in a gray mauve like color while nursing , I am planning to wash my shaitel for all this upcoming fun events if I get a chance, I will listen to some shiurim , make a quick and easy dinner (rice noodles with veggies and fish )and fold some laundry...or perhaps goof off at Imamother instead : ) . For lunch I am making a Persian omelette using some boiled potatoes, eggs and onion...yum! I will do some "looks" later too Bli neder : )! XOXO D

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