Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I havent posted much lately . Saying life has been busy is an understatement. In may my Son turned Bar mitzvah and I catered a party for 60 of his friends , B'H food was a hit ,I even made a cake sculpture featuring tefillim!. Baby Zahava grew a mouth full of teeth in what seemed to be weeks, she is sweet but demanding ...a diva . My teen maven continues to work hard preparing for exams. And the big news.... And my mowgly yael has been assesed and diagnosed with ASD/Aspergers ...My mommy spidey senses were correct while her excentric quirks and fondness for au naturel apparel were cute I knew that at 3 things had to be looked at ! B'H she is super smart and with OT she will develop better ways of coping with stimuli. While her reactive ways can be tiring I cant wait to see what her gifts will be! many aspis due to their amazing focus and dedication to what interest them become outstanding...but even if she turns out just average I'm okay with that and will continue to love her just as she is . I am readinng 3 books on the subject now , to me knowledge=calm. Thanks for the visits , the comments and the LOVE. And If any of my readers is the mother of a child with aspergers feel free to e-mail me and become pen pals ! Cheers! D


  1. Mazel tov on your son's bar mitzvah!

    Once Asperger's wasn't even diagnosed; since you were observant and caught onto it early on, I am sure she'll turn out great.

    (Although some kids really like to be in the buff; half of my nieces and nephews are like that.)