Monday, August 13, 2012

Fashion Maven Picks

Hi dear readers.... I have exciting news... riveted much? Ok , I will get to the point LOL....

 The highlight of my work as a stylist (along with meeting and helping amazing people ) is that I get to discover new and amazing clothing styles and company's from around the world.

 As the senior editor and buyer for the new fashion site Fashion Maven Picks it is my goal to bring you styles that are trendy, affordable ,fun AND easily adaptable to tznius.

 I hope that the fun, girly and slightly eclectic styles I have currently selected will allow you, my readers, to dress modestly while keeping your style personality and creative edge.

 Some styles are tznius straight away while others need a shell here or a skirt there.

 Those who read and view my blog understand that to me modesty is not about hiding in uniform like cookie cutter type of fashion but using fashion as a tool for self expression to present yourself under the best possible light.

 The clothing currently featured on the site are mostly sample sizes (for now) so PLEASE MEASURE YOURSELF to avoid any disappointing results!

Also...please do not procrastinate your orders as supplies are limited and this cute stuff comes from all over the world.

I am so excited !!! It is a pleasure to share this  Trendy ,Fun, Fast affordable fashion with you.

 Love Devorah.

Please Check Fashion Maven Picks out!

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