Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to wear leather skirts....

I have gotten many questions regarding how to style them in a fun non untznius way . Can it even be done? YES !!

 IMO Leather skirts are a classic that can be adapted to everyday without looking too sexy....As a mum I LOVE them since I can just wipe off yogurt and cream cheese and go : )

The key to wearing a leather skirt or  faux leather for my PETA fans is to ensure that the other elements in the outfit appear soft  and/or texture rich always avoiding a too tight overall look that instantly kills the demure classy factor . Avoiding the tight look can be tricky so when buying please note leather is cut without stretch and sizes do run smaller so forget the number on the tag and just buy one that FITS NICE.

here is how I wear my leather pencil skirt for a classy, fun but respectable look.
  • I Keep the top soft: I like leather skirts best when they are paired with a contrasting floaty shiffon or silk like fabric. Chunky knits in luxurious wools or cashmere are always great combos, and for an evening out those sequined tops we all own are also a perfect pairing!  loose fitting tee’s or classic turtlenecks paired with a cute blazer or cardi work in a gorgeous way. A quirky sweater downplays the sexy vibe , I have a gray wool sweater with a kitty cat on the hip that adds a cute playful vibe. Denim and button down shirts look very cool too and have a fun young downtown fearless vibe. I add some cool fun accessories too , i love a pocket watch a pendant or some classic earrings (pearls or diamond studs)
  • I Keep the jacket texture rich: For a current opulent look add velvet , lush boiled wool , some distressed tweed ( chanelling Chanel) . 
  • Keep the footwear texture rich: black tall  leather boots create a rock star vibe. Knee-high suede looks divine too and is softer. Please AVOID patent leather as it crosses that very tricky sexy line. 
  •   Suede or leather booties/shoeties are fab because bare legs create a textural contrast against the leather. To fake long legs opaque tights elongate !
  • Riding boots look stunning classic and luxurious
  •  leather pumps look great ! bonus points for pointy ones (coming back full force)
  • pointy flats or kitten heels work great for a office appropriate look .
  • I keep my hair in a pony or half pony: since the hair frames the look  I find that toning the look of the shaitel down eliminates the "too sexy overall  look".   cute but not too sexy hair helps me fly under the radar and keep those well meaning tznius brigades away. : P
Hope this answers your questions 
Love you girls!!


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