Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dear Readers

On this Erev Rosh Hashanah morning of 5772/73, I  would like to thank all my wonderful  readers around the world for visiting my blog and keeping me on my toes with your e-mails, questions and  feedback.

 I want you all to know that I LOVE being here for you giving you advice and ideas so you can look your best : ) !

May we all be inscribed for a sweet new year filled with : Shalom, health, parnassah, Shalom bayis , children and  all revealed blessings  AND  B'H we will be granted Moshiach soon so we can have true everlasting Peace !!

And may all negative decrees and vicious enemies to our people fade to dust and be gone with the ending year .

Hugs and Blessings!


Yom Tov 1

Yom Tov 1

$97 -

Isabella oliver

Funtasma high heels

Diamond ring


H m
$32 -

Yom Tov 2

Yom Tov 2

Dorothy perkin

Carvela high heels
$135 -

Yom Tov 3

Yom Tov 3

Long top

Burberry pencil skirt
$530 -

Blink high heel shoes
$64 -

Oasis drop earrings
$26 -

Thursday, September 6, 2012

More looks ....

My Fall Trend Inspiration Board

Hi everyone!

What a crazy week this has been... wow another school year is here! my 3 yearl old started school and I actually love planning her funky comfy Hanna Andersonish like looks.

The start to school to me  signals the start of the  Fall season, IMO Fashion's loveliest season.

 I know I have not  posted much lately .... (bad girl! LOL)  But I have been saving my favorite images for you dear readers, and they feature fall's IT colors, textures and looks to help you rework those trusted staples we all have buried in our closets, and decide what trendy, cool pieces to add.

The fall runways were a cool, eclectic mix....some standout hues were burgundy and the blue+black combo. The buttoned up bejewelled collars are super cute, quilted jackets are making a comeback , colorful shoes used as a punch of color to an all black look also seem to be seeing a repeat from the 80's  .. ( I hate red shoes but would do blue.) Cheeta and other zoological prints are on the way out.... but are still fun.

                                               Peplums are still going strong

I  loved the Tory Burch fall collection and would buy every piece!!! ( if money was no object of concern)  : (

Mrs Becks, aka Victoria beckham, is quickly becoming a darling to those who like a clean ,sharp and tailored look! Her outfits can at times look a tad severe and tight but they do have that " I mean business" vibe that can come in handy sometimes.

Rachel Zoe's maxi dress plus blazer or cozy sweater look is one of my personal staples. In my own brand of frum I call it "cali girl frum" .... you know chilled , mellow boho but not sloppy  : )

The texture mix of leather and knits is a fave look of mine because the knit brings down the biker chick look and adds a down to earth vibe to the leather's edgyness.

enjoy the pictures I have collected !!!!!!!!!!

be inspired :  )




Glam at home

Great Gray Work dress

A cool dress to layer

Kitty casual work day