Friday, July 29, 2011

Tips for Women with a "hour glass" figure

Tips for looking your best when you have a "Hour Glass" Figure.

A typical hour glass figure type is characterized by having a almost even or balanced hip and shoulder width and a distinct waistline.

Contrary to what most people believe, you can be any size from a 2 - 24 and have an hour glass figure.

The goal for women with this type of figure is to define their curves without looking too top or bottom heavy.

Here's how:

•Selecting items such as jackets, dresses, knits and blouses with some gentle nipping at the waistline suit you best.

• fabrics that are fluid, drape and are of light to medium weight.

•Avoid items that are too rounded, tight or alternatively boxy as these styles and pieces will create the illusion of added weight.

•You can wear belts with confidence from sleek chain belts to wider width contour belts. Avoid cinching your belts too tightly however, as this can create the illusion of being top and/or bottom heavy and it looks trashy .

Cute look for Shabbat or work

This is a very femenine look, the beige toned shoes add length to the leg .

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fall trend : cobalt blue

Bright cobalt blue was a runway favourite last fall!
Then this lovely hue carried on to spring where it was featured on almost every runway as apparel or in the form of a statement accessory.
With the mod trend of bright colors continuing it looks like cobalt will again be a fall “front runner”.
Cobalt blue is fun and versatile. It really “pops” when paired with basic black for an elegant look and looks less formal when paired with camel. Try it with gray and silver accessories for a nod to minimalism or as an accent with ocre and rusty orange clothing.
Here is a collage featuring products by Dorothy Perkins.
Enjoy : )

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

For my British fans: Best picks at M&S

I got a request to review M&S fall collection . And...WOW so much cute fall stuff !!
The preppy collection is so adorable it inspired me to become affiliated with M&S ,so If you shop via my link in the corner I get "tipped" .
*Must wear a shell under the sleeveless or collar bone/elbow baring pieces : )


purple fall