Friday, January 28, 2011

Fashion Friday Finds

Hi ,
Welcome to FFF ,I hope you will enjoy my weekly pics and deals!

Newport news is an excellent source for skirts and clothing!!
Shop online @
here are some pics of the awesome deals.

*I just love this sparkly tunic $39.99 ,for both formal wear paired with pumps and a satin skirt ,a navy one would instantly give you the Armani spring 2011 look. For a smart casual dinner with friends I would pair it with a solid dark denim skirt a white shell and worn with wedges or flats.

*The seccond item is this super cute full tulip skirt a steal at $15.99.

*Third is this Pencil skirt ...this one is a classic staple ONLY $12.99

* This coat is so cute and a keep forever piece!!! and is only $27.99

so this was the first edition of FFF...enjoy!!! and have a Good Shabbos!

D Maven

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blee Inara Evil-Eye Cluster Necklace - Max and Chloe

Blee Inara Evil-Eye Cluster Necklace - Max and Chloe

or you could try this cutie..

my favourite look of the day.

I LOVE elie Tahari . this 2 piece could be styled so many ways..

Developing a Fashion philosophy

Before going shopping or giving yourself the seasonal makeover is important to stay true to your own personal Image, you have to be honest and take the time reflect on how you view yourself and what you can improve... try to think of your lifestyle, and daily needs and how your outside matches your inside! A little purse notebook or your blackberry is perfect for this.

Since we have the requirement of Tznius our clothing is what I like to think of as the second layer that covers our eternal soul. First we have the physical body ...the one that is given to us by Hashem via genetics and one big source of insecurity and at its worst self loading for both women and girls. In my field I have heard both grown women and sadly girls as young as 11 talk themselves into negative self image and compare themselves to goyot models and celebrities. Even our own frum and somewhat sheltered girls have an obsession with thinness these days as the ticket to a good shidduch, since many shadchanim advice girls to go on a diet as a first tip! I know that sadly there are plenty of shallow guys who feel this way ...I wish they would have mothers to set them straight and not perpetuate the insanity.

In my experience interacting with women both personally and professionally I have found that any person, no matter what their age, physique, dress size or body type, can wear and look good in clothes that are in well tailored, clean and suited to their individual needs and personal style. IMO A woman should lose weight for HER own health and confidence, not just to become a kallah.
Hashem creates women in all shapes colors and sizes and gave them different styles and personalities I think is a tragedy to see women give up on style and fashion or learn to “play it safe” and just copy whatever the chevra is wearing at shul or school ....I HATE to hear secular people mock our dress code as boring and oppressive but sadly some people make it so and then go on to project this to others and before you know it we get burka people thinking they are hasting the coming of moshiach .
And most of all I’m tired of the fallacy that that being Tzanua means dressing in ugly unbecoming garments. Okay ,enough of my angst .....
The funny thing about clothes is that it can be such a cool way to transform and enhance an image even “old” or not so current pieces can be restyled!
In reality even the most fashion forward designers seek their inspiration from the past so before you head out and spend money on must have items ALWAYS SHOP YOUR CLOSET FIRST!
Because sometimes all that women need are a few trendy pieces and just some cool accessories that are well-suited to their body type and colour palette (a professional stylist like me can help you identify your best bets... and dress look and feel your best)
Ps...Fashionable clothing need not be expensive BTW there are tricks of the trade that every seasoned stylist knows...I am personally a big fan of Vintage wear and will post some tips on how to score and care for those one of a kind vintage finds!

I went on a thrift shopping safari while looking for purim costume props for the kids.
I found this amazing orange 1970 dolman sleeves sweater for....$3.99 cents!
What an amazing find does not have a name tag but it says "made in Italy"...the lightweight silk cotton blend feels awesome!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Best of Milan Fashion Week A-Z starting with Armani

Armani went very dark and mysterious this spring the black dress is my favourite. The blue statement necklace is gorgeous and the hem on the blue skirt is very cute. I love the combination of the rich blue and the classic black.
Note the stunning statement necklace above

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pictures of cool accesories

David Yurman 18k Yellow Gold Citrine And Diamond Estate RingPamela Love Two Tone Mood Ring with Bronze CenterSwarovski Crystal Amethyst EarringsCopper Butterfly Cuff BraceletCabochon vintage vibe jewels
Trina Turk Snake Chain Cabochon Coral and Gold Plated Necklace

Trend report on cool accessories!!!

925 Silver Twisted Cable-Style Cuff Bracelet with 18k Gold AccentsI'm so excited there seems to be a steady movement towards personal statement pieces ! I have noticed that the last few seasons have been championing jewelry on steroids with
pieces in sizes big bigger and huge!!. Not that I'll ever say no to a great statement necklace... But this season It seems well rounded with something pretty for every gal.

for vintage junkies like me we have Big Mixed Cabochon-Style Stones .. the Big idea that caught my eye was the use of giant Cabochon-style stones,like at Proenza Schouler and Bottega Veneta. I loved their excentric heirloom vibe.

for more casual types there is still plenty Organic and elegant pices that are natural matches with that haute 70's bohemian vibe.

Tassels & Fringes where seen at Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and also Dior. they all had this cool Art Deco-meets-1970s feel to them! I loved the gorgeous tassel earrings and fringe necklaces.

but that being said .. minimalist ladies do not despair as Clean & Architectural pieces are also around perhaps as backlash to the other overly ornate looks.Some designers that excel at this are David Yurman, Pamela Love, Giles & Brothers,links of london also has some cute low key pieces.

there is also a trend towards fun almost kidlike, whimsical jewels made of plastic or persplex they have '60s feel to lighten up the mood ! Marni turned out fun and fantastic necklaces and wide perspex-like colored cuff bracelets.

Another vintage vibe trend emerging is the return of Rose-Gold—In fashion accesories.... Michael Kors watch is on my love it list !
Michael Kors Women's MK5263 Rose Gold Blair Watch

Monday, January 24, 2011

Shopping the best NYFW trends on a budget

FFM’s life has been busy this past few days... a nasty flu had me nursing some of the little mavens back to health and dealing with a pesky sore throat! But all that aside cabin fever got the best of me and I decided to go out on a fashion safari around the GTA on Sunday.
I started the journey at Holt Renfrew at Yorkdale mall. For my American reader friends this place is the equivalent to Bergdorf or Saks for Canada.
The venerated Canadian fashion house at Yorkdale was nice for accessories but skimpy on some collections and totally
NOT the place to find a "deal" on trendy Items that's for sure....I felt buyers played it safe and probably the cool stuff is at their flagship store on Yonge st.
Stores at Yorkdale that excelled at the trend/price factor where...

Had some interesting silhouettes long and loose or short and sharp, some romantic tops with very feminine details.

Color wise... they had a nice palette… Misty pink tones, navy, white, beige, yellow, and orange of course.

Prints ….I saw some Flowers, animal prints and graphic prints.

KEY ITEMS: maxi dress, jersey top, blazer jacket
KEY ACCESSORIES: Natural leather bag, belt, sandals and clogs! I love clogs worn with a long skirt for that Vintage vibe.
Is a very good place to shop for foundation pieces in the neutrals?
They had an amazing array of very affordable Tznius skirts from CD 15.95 to CD39.99.
Do check the website out for some amazing deals.

Banana republic

had some really cute boxy tops in this gorgeous romantic lilac hue and a most covetable white shirt.

Had the same thing going hue wise as banana republic and both stores are easy places to shop for neutrals and gap had an adorable blue blazer …gap, BR, and old navy are owned by the same apparel company so their link takes you to all 3!

That was it for Yorkdale mall …nice ambiance, strong hipster vibe ,but pricey.

Vaughn mills: this place was amazing …... I’m glad is a bit of a drive, or I would be channeling Becky Brandon nee bloom wood of shopaholic fame!!! LOL

Some incredible deals were spotted galore but nothing left me more pumped than the discovery of style sense (owned by TJ max btw)…..where you can buy the cutest high end shoe brands for a fraction of the cost.

Juicy flats $55 CD where the find of the day ,but I resisted the urge since my pregnant feet are not reliable at this time .Juicy Couture Ever Nude ballet-flats

They also had Top designer gear!!! from Stella McCartney boots to gorgeous Gucci, Versace, D&G Prada and Ferragamo shoes. All at prices normally seen only at sample sales! So Visit them if you are around the area...

H&M there was also cool and seemed to have a larger varied stock.
The Winners there was also big and had nice stock, some good deals are found and quality tends to be less disposable but a lot of the prices are comparable to H&M.

Forever 21

was a fashion paradise...they covered all the trends and they take the crown for most affordable. So if you are on a budget with no time to shop, this is THE place you can outfit yourself for the season and get the most bang for your dollar!

My only warning is that quality wise ….is "trendy fun wear" not timeless investment pieces so you get what you pay for so, have fun shopping but try to mix high and low to get the best and most polished look.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Bienvenue ,Bienvenidas & Welcome!!

Hi fellow mavens!

B"H I'm finally getting this blog rolling!!!!

Last night many of us celebrated Tu b shvat Seders commemorating the beginning of the trees transition and renewal according to the traditions of the ancient mystic Elders of Tzfat . We made brachot on various delicious fruits and nuts, drank wines and elevated ourselves spiritually while having an amazing time.

Hashem created such an amazing variety of fruit and foods, the colours scents and textures are all so awe inspiring.

I feel that Fashion like nature is also about constant transition and renewal and that the changes in seasons give us the chance to change our own foliage just like trees.

Tu b'shvat also gets me thinking about spring (even though outside we have snow still) ....and spring fashions, and how to tailor them to our need to look Tznius yet updated. Stay tuned for my upcoming spring /summer trend and look report!

   I hope you will find my blog to be a well rounded source of both spiritual and external inspiration.    

Happy Renewal!


P.S English is my second language...feel free to also submit questions in Spanish!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Frum Friendly NYCFW Spring 2011 Fashion Trend Report

I can't wait for spring. After So many days of being cooped up inside due to what feels like sub-arctic temps compared to last year’s mild winter here in TO....
I’m dreaming of the warmer days ahead full of breezy patterned dresses, sun kissed legs (with or without stockings depending on where you hold on the matter). And some cute outfits that don't need to stay hidden beneath a huge warm parka.
And while I love the cozy feel of a good pair of sheepskin boots like Uggs or Emus or that cool sleek slightly futuristic look of those microfiber boots, nothing beats warmer weather foot wear.
I have used this hibernation time wisely and spent some serious time here glued to my PC researching some of the more frum friendly designer fashion shows ...I will start with NYCFW and later cover Europe. So far, I’m happy to report that with a little creativity there are plenty of cute Ideas and looks out there.
I noticed a lot of 1970’s influence which lends itself very well to a Tznius wardrobe both for mid calf and maxi skit wearers.
I find that NYFW tends to set the tone and lead the way for the trends of the upcoming season.
My favorite NYCFW Frum fashion friendly designers:
BCBG Max Azria featured stunning flowy silluettes that can easily be worn under a fitted skirt for length; the color palette was dominant in neutrals with some amazing use of punchy colors like orange and this stunning yet slightly loud water melon shade. Some boxy dark dresses with a lace overlay would be perfect worn for a simcha!

Runway — BCBG Runway Spring RTW 2011
Cute worn with a black pencil skirt and shell
Runway — BCBG Runway Spring RTW 2011
Same for this one, LUV the draping ethereal effect

Calvin Klein’s collection was also very frum friendly and while looking at the tailored minimalist tendencies it reminded me of 1990’s Carolyn B Kennedy’s classy yet simple look. Lots of crisp white pieces ,some  black basics and a few longer hemlines . He even had this interesting white mid calf piece suit/dress in the resort collection *.Runway — Calvin Klein Spring 2011
perfectly modest!

Runway — List for season 19369 & designer 18013
Unexpected, original, and chic!

Runway — List for season 19369 & designer 18013

Clean lines, timeless cut, a "forever" piece!
Runway — List for season 19369 & designer 18013

I love this dress, the color is so unexpected

Carolina Herrera was a slam dunk for frum fashion inspiration!!! She had stunning dresses with proper hemlines that with the help of a shell would be perfect. She  like other designers featured  white among neutrals . in  her collection the use of the white crisp shirt plus some red accents where cute . But I’m really smitten with her stunning pewter sheath dress that exudes class and timeless elegance. 

Runway — Carolina Herrera Runway Spring RTW 2011
Love this dress.....minus that stringy belt thing.
Runway — Carolina Herrera Runway Spring RTW 2011
Very Vintage chic

Marc Jacobs who had a VERY colorful collection (think strong/loud 60’s style prints) that is only for the very confident and slightly problematic Tznius wise ....With the look at me loud color factor.  Color aside the silhouette of the collection was stunning and it featured stunning full vintage looking skirts that are a great source for everyday inspiration.

See what I mean by colourful ...cute skirt at least.
Nice cut hideous pattern ....enough, next!

Michael Kors was also very colorful but in a more subdued way, I loved the yellow, Kelly green, and melon mixed with again neutrals and some very beach friendly looking crisp white outfits.  He outdid himself on the tailoring and presented amazingly original skirts and a timeless neutral dress.
Runway — Michael Kors Runway Spring 2011
The green bottom is a skirt!
Runway — Michael Kors Runway Spring 2011
Nice texture and color... but NOT slimming.
Runway — Michael Kors Runway Spring 2011
Stunning color with a tan and a skirt underneath. 
Runway — Michael Kors Runway Spring 2011
Cool original neutral skirt! 
Runway — Michael Kors Runway Spring 2011
My favourite look from MK

Ralph Lauren went a bit too country this spring! I still loved 1 item below ....the skirt is stunning, but to wear where???
Runway — Ralph Lauren Runway Spring RTW 2011
Fantasy skirt...

 FFM'S spring 2011 trend forecast  ....enjoy!
 Neutrals a staple we all need calm, safe classy and pretty look for timeless shades of sand, camel, and ivory. The best part about neutrals is that they look amazing when framed or combined with color or other stronger neutrals, like brown, navy or black.

 Wide-Leg Trousers that for us Frummies becomes the long slinky maxi skirt For some of us, who love this slinky look it will never really go out of style. So, when I saw the pant version on practically every runway I knew that this '70s-inspired look could return full force and morph nicely into the long column slinky.

Bold colors and a big dose of Orange galore Marc Jacobs was the most bold and colorful he even had some shiny candy pink in there ....LOL!  Some other interesting shades that I must say BEG for a tan are... mango, watermelon ,some seventies looking persimmon, and even some acid looking pumpkin.  Bold orange was such a strong visual color trends that now you may be wondering how to wear it right, without looking, well too orange....  Marc Jacobs paired it with white (my favorite way in warm weather). Or you can add it in small doses in accessories for a lower key look. But if you own a vintage Hermes scarf in orange...You are set!!! And I’m jealous :)
 Full longer Skirts.... B’H my prayers have been answered!!! And that mini craze that swept closets for the past few years is slowly giving way to longer hemlines! IMO it gives a nice look all that is all about elegance and sophistication.  Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs (if you ignore the trippy colors), and Carolina Herrera had the nicest silhouettes.

Coming soon...

European Fashion weeks Report Paris, London, Milan!
Shop the trends on a budget.