Friday, March 23, 2012

My current favorite Item: The Layering Dress

I love shell dresses!
I own a black one and believe me I am really getting some milage out of it.
I think I need at least 3 more : )

I really hope the people who make them would consider adding more neutrals I want a tan one , a gray one for silverish metallic’s ,cream looks fresh with gold and warm hues and a crisp white one because it's perfect for those often see through crisp white summer dresses.

Here are some ways I have worn mine:

*with long tunics.

*under a cute yet too short dress (my fave way)

*as a slip under flowy dresses

*As a maternity shell!! Paired with a cardigan and skirt, no "peek a belly" regardless how huge I was!

*with a skirt on top doubling as a "longer" (the longer is too short on me! at 5'6 1/2... ok let's say 5'7 to round it shall we? LOL!) The cotton feels cooler on a hot day.

*under my non Frum bathing suit! It felt more comfy to swim in than the aquamodesta suit IMO.

Note: I would still feel too "sexy" wearing it at a mixed beach, so save it for "ladies only" hours..(Assuming you are surrounded by nice non yenta types who will not give you mussar at the Pesach hotel....)
: P !!! ...Just saying ;)

*as an emergency nightgown.....don't ask! LOL

*with a Peplum jacket for a right on trend look. Make sure the jacket covers your tush and wear spanx or a girdle PLEASE....

Caution: it is NOT a forgiving look, you do risk VPL or worse the horrors of tush dimples if too tight so use with extreme caution and only as an emergency when the hotel's dry cleaning service burns your fancy sequin skirt 20 minutes before a simcha (true story of a girl who called me in a panic).
Where to get them...
Kosher Casual and shell sheli have them! *feel free to check them out here and order on my direct links on the side (think of it as an I Love FFB gesture and as a way of financing this current shell dress addiction <3 ). I do hope they add the colors

Ps I will try to take some pictures wearing my looks.
To those who think they are assur or whatever ...seriously:
Suit yourself and let those who hold is OK decide for themselves.
Don't send me hate mail...
Shabbat Shalom!!!


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