Friday, February 11, 2011

Fashionable Friday finds : Black Shabbos/fancy skirts

Tip : Models and store manequins are tall...always try the dress on because what looks like above the knee on her might just fit the average woman just fine ...If not there is always the Longer by junee a must have in every Frum Fashion Maven's closet : )
Next post will be on more colorful skirt options : )

Shabbat Shalom!!!!

I love Smart Set! this cute satin skirt looks fav IRL and is such a classic : ) Only $45.00 add some pearls and a tweed jacket for a timeless chic look.

Petite High Waist Shirred Stretch Pencil Skirt with Wide Belt ( Choose Black or Brown )

Mac & Jac Women's Tie Front Tweed Jacket

I found a few other shabbos picks...
Ellen Tracy Dresses Women's Stretch Satin Full Skirt DressSatin A-line Skirt for Evening by Formal Gallery (10003)


  1. Can you buy the "Longer" in Toronto?

  2. not that i'm aware off(it would be a good bussiness DYT??)but ...sorry! I got mine last summer and it it has found it's way to my DD's closet! I do know they ship and as soon as I'm done being pregnant I'm ordering : )