Friday, April 20, 2012

What to wear when hayfever strikes ?

Seriously I asked myself this question while staring at my red rimmed eyes!
At first I thought it was just some weird dust allergy.

So I had to brainstorm on finding a way not to look like a rejected "Twilight" cast member (pale with red eyes) .

I found it! mostly antihistamines and white eye pencil on the waterline and darker liner towards the edge of the waterline.

I also dressed in colors that flattered my skin tone.

I have warm skin undertones... if you don't know weather you have a cool or warmer tone follow this tips should help you find out.

Find two color swatches of both silver and gold or some coins.

Stand under a natural light source by the window .(Never test your skin under fluorescent lights because it distorts how your skin color looks)

Remove all jewelry for clarity.

Place a gold tone jewelry piece next to one hand and a silver one next to the other. The hand that appears to have a healthy, bright glow is the winner. The other color will make your skin appear pastier.

If you are still unsure check the back of your hand. A warm skin-toned person would see an orange-yellow cast to their skin while a cool toned person would see a blue hint on their skin.

If you are still unsure .... find a favorite yellow top or paint chip , A warm-toned person should notice that the color brightens your complexion, minimizes shadows, and gives you a warm fresh energized look.

A cool-toned person would see the exact opposite effect with the same fabric (the anemia/tired/older look LOL). If you think you may be a cool , attempt a blue fabric next. It should give you the same healthy glow a warm skinned person would notice with the yellow.

I thought I would share this findings....

have a Shabbat Shalom!


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