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Frum Friendly NYCFW Spring 2011 Fashion Trend Report

I can't wait for spring. After So many days of being cooped up inside due to what feels like sub-arctic temps compared to last year’s mild winter here in TO....
I’m dreaming of the warmer days ahead full of breezy patterned dresses, sun kissed legs (with or without stockings depending on where you hold on the matter). And some cute outfits that don't need to stay hidden beneath a huge warm parka.
And while I love the cozy feel of a good pair of sheepskin boots like Uggs or Emus or that cool sleek slightly futuristic look of those microfiber boots, nothing beats warmer weather foot wear.
I have used this hibernation time wisely and spent some serious time here glued to my PC researching some of the more frum friendly designer fashion shows ...I will start with NYCFW and later cover Europe. So far, I’m happy to report that with a little creativity there are plenty of cute Ideas and looks out there.
I noticed a lot of 1970’s influence which lends itself very well to a Tznius wardrobe both for mid calf and maxi skit wearers.
I find that NYFW tends to set the tone and lead the way for the trends of the upcoming season.
My favorite NYCFW Frum fashion friendly designers:
BCBG Max Azria featured stunning flowy silluettes that can easily be worn under a fitted skirt for length; the color palette was dominant in neutrals with some amazing use of punchy colors like orange and this stunning yet slightly loud water melon shade. Some boxy dark dresses with a lace overlay would be perfect worn for a simcha!

Runway — BCBG Runway Spring RTW 2011
Cute worn with a black pencil skirt and shell
Runway — BCBG Runway Spring RTW 2011
Same for this one, LUV the draping ethereal effect

Calvin Klein’s collection was also very frum friendly and while looking at the tailored minimalist tendencies it reminded me of 1990’s Carolyn B Kennedy’s classy yet simple look. Lots of crisp white pieces ,some  black basics and a few longer hemlines . He even had this interesting white mid calf piece suit/dress in the resort collection *.Runway — Calvin Klein Spring 2011
perfectly modest!

Runway — List for season 19369 & designer 18013
Unexpected, original, and chic!

Runway — List for season 19369 & designer 18013

Clean lines, timeless cut, a "forever" piece!
Runway — List for season 19369 & designer 18013

I love this dress, the color is so unexpected

Carolina Herrera was a slam dunk for frum fashion inspiration!!! She had stunning dresses with proper hemlines that with the help of a shell would be perfect. She  like other designers featured  white among neutrals . in  her collection the use of the white crisp shirt plus some red accents where cute . But I’m really smitten with her stunning pewter sheath dress that exudes class and timeless elegance. 

Runway — Carolina Herrera Runway Spring RTW 2011
Love this dress.....minus that stringy belt thing.
Runway — Carolina Herrera Runway Spring RTW 2011
Very Vintage chic

Marc Jacobs who had a VERY colorful collection (think strong/loud 60’s style prints) that is only for the very confident and slightly problematic Tznius wise ....With the look at me loud color factor.  Color aside the silhouette of the collection was stunning and it featured stunning full vintage looking skirts that are a great source for everyday inspiration.

See what I mean by colourful ...cute skirt at least.
Nice cut hideous pattern ....enough, next!

Michael Kors was also very colorful but in a more subdued way, I loved the yellow, Kelly green, and melon mixed with again neutrals and some very beach friendly looking crisp white outfits.  He outdid himself on the tailoring and presented amazingly original skirts and a timeless neutral dress.
Runway — Michael Kors Runway Spring 2011
The green bottom is a skirt!
Runway — Michael Kors Runway Spring 2011
Nice texture and color... but NOT slimming.
Runway — Michael Kors Runway Spring 2011
Stunning color with a tan and a skirt underneath. 
Runway — Michael Kors Runway Spring 2011
Cool original neutral skirt! 
Runway — Michael Kors Runway Spring 2011
My favourite look from MK

Ralph Lauren went a bit too country this spring! I still loved 1 item below ....the skirt is stunning, but to wear where???
Runway — Ralph Lauren Runway Spring RTW 2011
Fantasy skirt...

 FFM'S spring 2011 trend forecast  ....enjoy!
 Neutrals a staple we all need calm, safe classy and pretty look for timeless shades of sand, camel, and ivory. The best part about neutrals is that they look amazing when framed or combined with color or other stronger neutrals, like brown, navy or black.

 Wide-Leg Trousers that for us Frummies becomes the long slinky maxi skirt For some of us, who love this slinky look it will never really go out of style. So, when I saw the pant version on practically every runway I knew that this '70s-inspired look could return full force and morph nicely into the long column slinky.

Bold colors and a big dose of Orange galore Marc Jacobs was the most bold and colorful he even had some shiny candy pink in there ....LOL!  Some other interesting shades that I must say BEG for a tan are... mango, watermelon ,some seventies looking persimmon, and even some acid looking pumpkin.  Bold orange was such a strong visual color trends that now you may be wondering how to wear it right, without looking, well too orange....  Marc Jacobs paired it with white (my favorite way in warm weather). Or you can add it in small doses in accessories for a lower key look. But if you own a vintage Hermes scarf in orange...You are set!!! And I’m jealous :)
 Full longer Skirts.... B’H my prayers have been answered!!! And that mini craze that swept closets for the past few years is slowly giving way to longer hemlines! IMO it gives a nice look all that is all about elegance and sophistication.  Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs (if you ignore the trippy colors), and Carolina Herrera had the nicest silhouettes.

Coming soon...

European Fashion weeks Report Paris, London, Milan!
Shop the trends on a budget.



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