Thursday, January 27, 2011

Developing a Fashion philosophy

Before going shopping or giving yourself the seasonal makeover is important to stay true to your own personal Image, you have to be honest and take the time reflect on how you view yourself and what you can improve... try to think of your lifestyle, and daily needs and how your outside matches your inside! A little purse notebook or your blackberry is perfect for this.

Since we have the requirement of Tznius our clothing is what I like to think of as the second layer that covers our eternal soul. First we have the physical body ...the one that is given to us by Hashem via genetics and one big source of insecurity and at its worst self loading for both women and girls. In my field I have heard both grown women and sadly girls as young as 11 talk themselves into negative self image and compare themselves to goyot models and celebrities. Even our own frum and somewhat sheltered girls have an obsession with thinness these days as the ticket to a good shidduch, since many shadchanim advice girls to go on a diet as a first tip! I know that sadly there are plenty of shallow guys who feel this way ...I wish they would have mothers to set them straight and not perpetuate the insanity.

In my experience interacting with women both personally and professionally I have found that any person, no matter what their age, physique, dress size or body type, can wear and look good in clothes that are in well tailored, clean and suited to their individual needs and personal style. IMO A woman should lose weight for HER own health and confidence, not just to become a kallah.
Hashem creates women in all shapes colors and sizes and gave them different styles and personalities I think is a tragedy to see women give up on style and fashion or learn to “play it safe” and just copy whatever the chevra is wearing at shul or school ....I HATE to hear secular people mock our dress code as boring and oppressive but sadly some people make it so and then go on to project this to others and before you know it we get burka people thinking they are hasting the coming of moshiach .
And most of all I’m tired of the fallacy that that being Tzanua means dressing in ugly unbecoming garments. Okay ,enough of my angst .....
The funny thing about clothes is that it can be such a cool way to transform and enhance an image even “old” or not so current pieces can be restyled!
In reality even the most fashion forward designers seek their inspiration from the past so before you head out and spend money on must have items ALWAYS SHOP YOUR CLOSET FIRST!
Because sometimes all that women need are a few trendy pieces and just some cool accessories that are well-suited to their body type and colour palette (a professional stylist like me can help you identify your best bets... and dress look and feel your best)
Ps...Fashionable clothing need not be expensive BTW there are tricks of the trade that every seasoned stylist knows...I am personally a big fan of Vintage wear and will post some tips on how to score and care for those one of a kind vintage finds!

I went on a thrift shopping safari while looking for purim costume props for the kids.
I found this amazing orange 1970 dolman sleeves sweater for....$3.99 cents!
What an amazing find does not have a name tag but it says "made in Italy"...the lightweight silk cotton blend feels awesome!!!

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