Monday, January 24, 2011

Shopping the best NYFW trends on a budget

FFM’s life has been busy this past few days... a nasty flu had me nursing some of the little mavens back to health and dealing with a pesky sore throat! But all that aside cabin fever got the best of me and I decided to go out on a fashion safari around the GTA on Sunday.
I started the journey at Holt Renfrew at Yorkdale mall. For my American reader friends this place is the equivalent to Bergdorf or Saks for Canada.
The venerated Canadian fashion house at Yorkdale was nice for accessories but skimpy on some collections and totally
NOT the place to find a "deal" on trendy Items that's for sure....I felt buyers played it safe and probably the cool stuff is at their flagship store on Yonge st.
Stores at Yorkdale that excelled at the trend/price factor where...

Had some interesting silhouettes long and loose or short and sharp, some romantic tops with very feminine details.

Color wise... they had a nice palette… Misty pink tones, navy, white, beige, yellow, and orange of course.

Prints ….I saw some Flowers, animal prints and graphic prints.

KEY ITEMS: maxi dress, jersey top, blazer jacket
KEY ACCESSORIES: Natural leather bag, belt, sandals and clogs! I love clogs worn with a long skirt for that Vintage vibe.
Is a very good place to shop for foundation pieces in the neutrals?
They had an amazing array of very affordable Tznius skirts from CD 15.95 to CD39.99.
Do check the website out for some amazing deals.

Banana republic

had some really cute boxy tops in this gorgeous romantic lilac hue and a most covetable white shirt.

Had the same thing going hue wise as banana republic and both stores are easy places to shop for neutrals and gap had an adorable blue blazer …gap, BR, and old navy are owned by the same apparel company so their link takes you to all 3!

That was it for Yorkdale mall …nice ambiance, strong hipster vibe ,but pricey.

Vaughn mills: this place was amazing …... I’m glad is a bit of a drive, or I would be channeling Becky Brandon nee bloom wood of shopaholic fame!!! LOL

Some incredible deals were spotted galore but nothing left me more pumped than the discovery of style sense (owned by TJ max btw)…..where you can buy the cutest high end shoe brands for a fraction of the cost.

Juicy flats $55 CD where the find of the day ,but I resisted the urge since my pregnant feet are not reliable at this time .Juicy Couture Ever Nude ballet-flats

They also had Top designer gear!!! from Stella McCartney boots to gorgeous Gucci, Versace, D&G Prada and Ferragamo shoes. All at prices normally seen only at sample sales! So Visit them if you are around the area...

H&M there was also cool and seemed to have a larger varied stock.
The Winners there was also big and had nice stock, some good deals are found and quality tends to be less disposable but a lot of the prices are comparable to H&M.

Forever 21

was a fashion paradise...they covered all the trends and they take the crown for most affordable. So if you are on a budget with no time to shop, this is THE place you can outfit yourself for the season and get the most bang for your dollar!

My only warning is that quality wise ….is "trendy fun wear" not timeless investment pieces so you get what you pay for so, have fun shopping but try to mix high and low to get the best and most polished look.


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