Friday, January 21, 2011

Bienvenue ,Bienvenidas & Welcome!!

Hi fellow mavens!

B"H I'm finally getting this blog rolling!!!!

Last night many of us celebrated Tu b shvat Seders commemorating the beginning of the trees transition and renewal according to the traditions of the ancient mystic Elders of Tzfat . We made brachot on various delicious fruits and nuts, drank wines and elevated ourselves spiritually while having an amazing time.

Hashem created such an amazing variety of fruit and foods, the colours scents and textures are all so awe inspiring.

I feel that Fashion like nature is also about constant transition and renewal and that the changes in seasons give us the chance to change our own foliage just like trees.

Tu b'shvat also gets me thinking about spring (even though outside we have snow still) ....and spring fashions, and how to tailor them to our need to look Tznius yet updated. Stay tuned for my upcoming spring /summer trend and look report!

   I hope you will find my blog to be a well rounded source of both spiritual and external inspiration.    

Happy Renewal!


P.S English is my second language...feel free to also submit questions in Spanish!

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