Sunday, August 7, 2011

Leather skirts

Dear Readers ,

Leather skirts are a HUGE trend for fall....
I know that many frum women avoid them thinking the material on the skirt has an inmodest allure.

I strongly disagree with this view! being Tznius goes beyond wearing a certain item of clothing about the overall "look" proyected by the wearer when wearing the skirt! I love the universally flattering look in these items plus the always forgiving yet unexpected and modest look of a pleated leather skirt.

So If you dare to try this trend it is important to keep other items in the outfit more traditional and classic, I will be pairing this trend with a chanel inspired tweed jacket,pearls and ballerina flats or boots .

My make up will be on the natural "low key" side to avoid looking like a Harley Davidson style biker girl .... LOL!

If in the end you get the "fashion jitters" and chicken out on this trend you can always keep the skirt for purim to play superhero "catwoman" in a tznius way .


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