Monday, August 8, 2011

THANK YOU Yocheved84 !!!

As many know I'm a regular poster at a Jewish women's site that shall remain nameless .

Sadly thanks to some bad apples abusing the system in shameless self promotion ...(I'm mad about it )we are no longer allowed to post our blog as a signature link unless we pay .

This feels deeply sad and unfair as there IS mutual benefit involved...I mean (what is a site without people ?) ....I'm even debating in my head if I should continue posting advice there, not just on fashion but for life in general! Gosh,It was such nice place to make new friends while it lasted I feel like a disposable number and only a potential "revenue source" Uch!!

I sincerely hope the site owner reconsiders the new rule.
But negativity aside....(Sorry but I needed to vent my frustration)

I'm posting this lovely post here for keepsake as this is one of the nicest and most rewarding compliments I have recieved to date. The best Part of it is that it is a clear example of pure ahavas yisrael!!!! (Yocheved and I do not know each other (yet) and have never exchanged gelt): )
I'm just happy to have been soche to help another jewish woman with my Hashem given abilities!
She wrote...

"OK, so now I'll come out and say it. YOUR BLOG IS AMAZING. YOU ARE AMAZING. You are an active Imamother poster on tons of topics. And you offer helpful, amazing advice on everything. You just happen to do fashion. (And I LOVE your site.) It was the two other women with the fashion blogs who ruined it for everyone.

In fact, despite my initially sticking up for that other poster, it really upset me that she started a 'check out my blog' thread that went on for 12 pages. That was the poster that ruined it for everyone! There was a second one I believe (who now posts on facebook with poster #1), and I now block their posts b/c I'm so annoyed--I feel taken advantage of that they read what I post about my personal life and they don't contribute to the community here.

You were the only one with a fashion site who didn't throw it in people's faces. You answered my "Help my bubby find a dress" thread! And in fact, your advice was always helpful. And I follow your blog weekly and it gives me great ideas, etc. It makes me feel beautiful and I know who is running it--I don't feel like you came on here trolling/scouting for readers. We all knew you as a regular person who happened to also have a website with cool clothes.

I'm so annoyed that two people (and maybe a third who was hocking her dangerous diet product) messed us all up.

PS I know my post will be removed but oh well, read it while it's here!"

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  1. I'm very confused. I followed Baba's LINK to her blog and i saw she has your blog as one that she follows. I don't know who you are on imamother but please dont leave- we all like you :) and i love talking about fashion!
    -clarivka :)