Friday, February 4, 2011

From the mailbox....cute denim skirts

I got a request for info on denim skirts so,this is just a quick post...and I will add to it Bli Neder as I come across any cool finds ,deals or sales. enjoy!

Denim skirts are such a staple for those who hold by them. We practically live in them especially if running after our little ones ...they are durable, versatile and flattering (unless the skirt has wiskering, or holes LOL....) or is a tad too small,then we get the dreaded "muffin top" LOL.
In terms of color I personally like both the light and dark washes, the lighter wash for the warmer season and the dark wash year round. Dark is more formal and considered dressier and even allowed these days as "Casual Friday" wear in corporate America. So let’s begin with some pictures, beyond the usual ... (I always have bought the tall fit from gap and find it fits perfectly tefach and knee coverage wise)
*don’t be intimidated by slits’s very easy to sow them closed yourself or have it done for next to nothing at some drycleaners.

*This site has some cute denim pencil skits along with stuff that should be banned ....LOL, here we have some pictures of the good!


Junee is my favourite store....
some pics of the junees.

this one is from spigel $24.00!!!

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  1. Ah, the denim skirt. I live in mine!
    Dark rinses paired with a blazer and sweater for work, or with my uber-comfy abercrombie hoodie at home...