Wednesday, February 2, 2011

From the question box! Dressing tips a triangle shaped body.

I got a nice PM from one of my favourite frum women's site asking for tips on dressing for different body types..the lady in question is a classic triangle shaped woman so I will start with tips for her and then cover the other shapes B'H.
So dear readers...
If your shoulders are narrow in comparison to your hips you are a triangle shaped woman and to achieve visual balance you have to use your clothing to create the illusion of narrower hips and focus on emphasizing the leaner part of the upper torso.


* wear your light and bright colours in your upper half and dress your lower half in darker or more muted shades at the bottom.
* you can wear prints, plaids and those cute novelty patterns so ladies please,don’t narrow your choices thinking that only solids flatter you... the key is to keep them on the upper part of the body and team them with a coordinating solid bottom piece that is darker or of a similar color .
* a full skirt is flattering and feminine for this body type , A lines and full ones are built for you and glide beautifully over curvy hips.
*For tops ...the idea is to bring the eye upward, and add the illusion of width through the shoulders
items with nice detail around the neck and shoulder region. Neckline ruffles, wider collars, lapels, beaded necklines,classy cozy cowl necks as well as horizontal stripes will all do the trick. Look for jackets with defined shoulders.
*accesories like statement necklaces look awesome and can turn a boring shell into a wow piece,be creative and bring the eye upward .
*Layering also works wonders for triangles shirts with vests look cool, classic twin sets and those awesome chanel style boxy jackets teamed with skirts are a nice look that flatters a triangle shaped lady nicely .
* Warning....the heavier textures like tweeds and any stiff fabrics should be used to clothe the upper half of the body as they are thick and tend to add unwanted bulk to curvy hips . choose lightweight quality fabrics and invest in fine wools or any fabric that drapes nicely,always buy the best you can afford when dealing with any challenging areas. So the rule of mixing high and low clothing is what you want to "fix" or "hide" gets the high quality piece.

Hope you enjoy this post!
Devorah Maven

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