Thursday, February 3, 2011

Simcha Suits

currently the trend on wearing suits is warming up on the runways.

If you are looking at wearing a suit for a special occasion like a simcha or an evening out, you will need a dressier suit...Zori fashions is a frum store that has the wow look down pat !!!

If are on a pinch and own a quality piece in a luxurious fabric you are set and ready to go just by adding some fancy accessories ,if you browse my Armani post you will see how a beaded necklace can take an outfit to next level.

For a special occasion like when you are the mum of the chatan or kallah , you have bring the look up a notch... something with more details like delicate beading or more feminine details like a bouncier skirt,some cute ruffles, or a rich fabric like a luxurious raw silk or fine velvet is a must.

I got a question regarding Peplum suits ....I think is a lovely classy Vintage 1940's look and found this lovely vintage pic just for you cookie lady : )

and more modern great price too, the purple one paired with a statement magenta necklace is calling my name for it's Pradaish vibe!

Some looks from Zori

Devorah Maven

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