Monday, February 7, 2011

Dressing for your body type : Inverted triangle

If your upper body is wider than the lower part, you have an inverted triangle figure type. You may have a wide back, broad shoulders or a large bust.
To achieve a harmonious balance between the hips and the upper torso the goal is to shift the focus from the upper body and add “some” balancing Volume and dimension in the lower torso, not too much as we don’t want to visually “round” the shape.
Some tried and true tips....
The best way to narrow shoulders and make and bring the eye to the center is to wear cute V or U shaped necklines.
For accessories pendants and necklaces that draw the eye to centre work well. You can also wear centre seam ruffles and interesting detailing on tops just make sure the details are not exaggerated and draw excessive attention to the chest.
Shoulder pads....mutton sleeves are not recommended as they can lead to the unflattering 1980’s linebacker look....lo Aleinu.
No chest pockets....they tend to “pop” on the busty. Dropped sleeved shirts can make a larger chest look droopy...and this season’s dolman sleeves tend to widen the upper torso, so while trendy is not a good look. Large print and pattern worn on top will widen you visually so keep the top solid and your patterns, details and textures on your bottom half.
In terms of skirts go for fuller softer looks, A lines are perfect for you, while curve hugging pencil styles accentuate the narrowness of your hips and the wider upper torso.
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