Monday, July 18, 2011

Tznius, fun and work-friendly tribal looks for hot weather

Dear Readers,
Thank you for all the nice and constructive feedback.
I received 2 great emails yesterday one had a fashion challenge on how to wear Tznius clothing in hot weather avoiding the use of too many layers and the other requested Tribal fashion looks.
I thought: what a great Hashgacha pratis! Tribal looks are particularly well suited for hot weather.
I love tribal looks for their relaxed fun vibe but they can be a tad dicey to pull off, the ethnic nature of the prints can appear very busy to the eye and at its worse they can look like a Purim costume.
Here are some classic, urban, safari work-friendly outfits. I hope you will enjoy them!

*Dressing in hot weather tips:
There are ways to layer to decrease the “sweltering in the heat” factor, but I seems there is no escape to layering. I personally love those genius sleevies and tee necks from Kosher Casual (see link to the right), the cropped and sleeveless kikki rikki shells and classic shrugs (not the tie under the chest kind).
In terms of clothing materials, Cotton is the "go to" fabric as is a wash-and-go material. Linen is also well suited for the hot weather but it is not “child friendly” as it wrinkles and stains easily. Microfiber works great and does not wrinkle. Sheer fabrics need a shell unless they are lined v-necks in which case the cropped kikki rikki is the best and least bulky option. Keep colors light as dark colours absorb heat.

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