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Maven's Tips on what to wear when you are Petite.

Hi dear friends hope your summer is going great!

I have been asked by young reader for tips on how to dress her Petite frame. Here is where my background in Art comes in handy as optical illusion and a keen awareness of proportion results in the best looks. For petites the goal is to add visual length and avoiding breaking up the silhouette.
Selecting garments with bespoke fit, accessories and prints in scale plus the right footwear are all Key elements to achieve an amazing look. So dear readers let’s start from top to bottom.

Regarding Hair:
For petites ideally a shaitel should not be too long ...Short, mid length or shoulder length looks most refined, proportionate and flattering. As I said earlier, the main focus is to elongate stature, so petites have to avoid "cutting" up the frame at all cost, and too long hair can overwhelm and visually shorten the torso.
General Tips

1. Stand up straight. I'm sure your ima told you this growing up! But when it comes to looking taller, good posture makes a huge difference in A) how others perceive you and B) your Height. Remember to sit up straight too. Not only will you seem taller, but you'll also appear more alert, professional and engaged.

2. Wear some kind of heel: For day select some cute and comfortable footwear, wedges are great they add a little height yet keep your calf muscles from overstretching. High heels...
The higher the heel, the taller you'll look. But beware and only wear the highest heels that you are able to walk gracefully in, thinner heels on pumps flatter petite calf’s, but if you are plus sized a more substantial heel is needed. Wearing low platforms or wedges with a medium heel will give you the lift you need and crave. Even some low kitten heels will add a bit of height and boost your confidence and glam factor plus they have vintage vibe.

3. Color is our ally: Try to use color to enhance the illusion of height: Wearing a monochromatic outfit is a very effective way to create a longer look! (One of my all time favourite looks is Reese whither spoon’s all black pencil skirt and turtleneck ensemble in Sweet home Alabama).
Dressing all in one color helps create a vertical line, which is also an easy way to "look leaner" as well as taller. I advise any petite to start with very basics by determining your body's shape in order to get a clearer picture of how to place accessories, colors and fit on your body using the right scale to create a visually pleasing elongated look. If you don't want to go for the complete head-to-toe color scheme, you can make your legs appear longer by matching leg wear to your shoe color during the colder months. In summer wearing beige or flesh toned shoes is a sure way to lengthen the leg.

*Another very Important factor when buying women’s petite clothing is your silhouette's vertical line; which is how in line your upper half (hips and up to your shoulders) is with your lower half (hips and down to your ankles). Please note you might have longer legs compared to your upper body, or vice versa. So measure yourself!! (You may only need the top or bottom to be made in petite styling or sizing).
And if you're a full-figure petite woman your goal is also to look leaner as well as taller. I advise you to start with very basics by determining your true body shape to get a clearer picture of how to place accessories, colors and cuts on the right areas of your body for the best visual effect.

* AVOID Mary Janes and any shoe that has a strap as it shortens the leg and can look to childish on a petite frame, they are also not a great look on plus size feet especially if they dig into the skin.

4. Create vertical lines with your clothing and accessories, and AVOID Horizontal lines. Vertical lines make short women look thinner and taller; horizontal lines do the opposite. If they're going up and down, seam lines, designs in prints, stripes, trims, and garment details can all be slimming and make you look taller as a bonus.
Ribbons, lines of sequins or beads all may be applied effectively to create vertical lines on clothing.

Although vertical lines in clothing may be created easily by stripes, vertical lines can also be created by seam lines in clothing that run up and down. Look for seam lines, such as princess seaming, that are not interrupted by other fashion details unless the details are well placed for emphasis on something you want to emphasize.

Essential dresses for petites

The shirt dress: Front buttons create an effortless and pleasing long vertical line.

A Wrap dress: DVF is a genius and her wrap dress a must have classic that flatters ALL body types.

The sheath dress: is another universal winner for its flattery and versatility. Sheath dress should fit well, just skimming the figure without being too tight. By adding a tailored jacket. This combination makes a nice work ensemble. In winter add a turtleneck for a nod to mod fashion.

5. V-necklines in general: V-necklines create a vertical line and draws
Attention to the face, thus making the wearer looks Longer. Works on
Tops, dresses and sweaters.

6.Avoid oversize bags they will make you look tiny.

Kate spade has these amazing petite friendly looks and Reese is the poster girl of petite chic here in the SHA movie poster!

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