Monday, July 18, 2011

What to wear on a hot humid day (expanded)

Hot and humid ...ahh the joys of the Toronto (or New York) summers!
My "go to" outfit is a long white skirt, flats or spadrilles and this super light weight denim shirt from joe fresh I picked up a while ago at Superstore (lots of amazing trendy pieces can be found at joe fresh for a song). I add a sophisticaded note to my casual go to look with a cool leather belt.
I also love a white or denim skirt paired with a sunny bright hue ... I'm thinking orange, kelly green, yellow and my beloved hot pink :)

I'm terms of hair coverage I love wearing my fall sheitl or a tichel depending on the mood...

*Dressing in hot weather tips. (repeat just in case) ; )

There are ways to layer to decrease the “sweltering in the heat” factor, but It seems there is no escape to layering. I personally love those genius sleevies and tee necks from Kosher Casual (see link on the right) the cropped and sleeveless kikki rikki shells and classic shrugs (not the tie under the chest kind).

From reader Shira Rocklin: my little trick, that might help someone else - "soak your hair so its really wet before you put your hat or scarf on, and the evaporating water will help keep you cool for a few hours outdoors".

In terms of clothing materials Cotton is the "go to" fabric as is a wash and go material. Linen is also well suited for the hot weather but it is not “child friendly”, it wrinkles and stains easily . Microfiber works great and does not wrinkle. Sheer fabrics need a shell unless they are lined v-necks in which case the cropped kikki rikki is the best and least bulky option. Keep colors light as dark colours absorb heat.


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