Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Frum Friendly Pics at Mango

Exiting news my dear readers!!!

Jewish owned Mango clothing (owner is Sephardi, a Spaniard named Isak Andic Ermay) has some really cute and "frum friendly" pieces on their site!

Their clothing is fun, trendy, feminine and features great tailoring at very affordable prices.
Enjoy my fashion selections. (Please find a link box in the upper right hand corner of my Blog for your shopping convenience).

(*NOTES: All dresses featured will need a shell. Also model's knees show on the skirts due to the fact that she is tall (and probably photoshopped). See my Disclaimer (lower-left) as I'm NOT imply that showing the knee is Tznius. Pls check measurements before ordering). Thanks!


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